Saturday, October 25, 2014


how can people be so ignorant? or bipolar or rude or confusing? one minute they are all for what you enjoy doing or something that you are comfortable in and then they change there mind-set and just rain of all of your ideas and take the little that you had. now you are probably nodding your head and argeeing but you want to know what im talking about.

well, it all started in the summer. i met this girl during the summer, and at the moment i didn't have much friends so i wanted to be her friend so much. soon i became her friend, the only thing that really hit me was oh god shes a junior and im 3 years younger! she wont like me at all! well be formed a really good friendship and as you all know Halloween is coming up and i was going to go over for a party. my dad recently decided (after the many times that we have hung out) that he didnt want me gong over there anymore. that really hit me bcause besides 3 others i had no friends. so that happened.

and then we have the great old boyfriend. ex, be exact. i love him god so much but he has a great new girlfriend now, and he still talks to me and shows me the good kind of love that a guy bestfriend woukd give which is reassuring. but don't know he just confuses me sometimes you feel me. 

So in conclusion to this tiny rant, this is my first post (yay) im going to try my hardest to be active and get to share my feelings. when im writing things just flow so don't mind me aha.

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